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I need to inform all the participants about the Ethics Regulation for this research. All the content in Malaysian Identity (MI) Website is under copyright of RMIT University and Nurul Rahman Creative Commons. I have the right to use the content of MI Website for my PhD research. This is for the purpose for data collection through the online forum.

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Nurul Rahman
Email : nurulrahman@malaysianidentity.com
PhD Researcher
Interested in the correlation of

Communication Design + Branding + Culture

Nurul Rahman currently is doing her research project in Communication Design, this site
School of Applied Communication, RMIT University, Melbourne, Australia. She’s doing her Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) in Communication Studies.

Nurul Rahman is a communication designer who has been working or studying within the design industry for the past 10 years in Malaysia and Australia. She works with national and international design firm, Universiti Sains Malaysia (USM) and some freelance job.

Her interest is in design process expecially communication design, strategies, branding, marketing, public relation, identity, advertising, culture and heritage. Her working experiences also covers strategies exhibition, event management and promotions.

In her PhD research she is interested in the correlation between design, culture and branding.
Her research is centered around these key question:

How can the understanding of a specific culture help communication designers to anticipate its needs, in order to improve the creation of products and services and/or to strengthen communication strategies?

The purpose of her research is to strengthen designer’s approach to a specific audience, by studying, observing, experiencing and identifying methods issues to the forefront of design practice culture. Her research aims to facilitate an understanding of cultural contexts, such as traditional/heritage product in specific cultural contexts and will be looking at this research from a communication design perspective.

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Nurul Rahman travelling in Asia, pharm taken in Ko Lipe, Thailand