December 2007

Happy New Year 2008!

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Dear all, sanitary

It’s been more than a year this site been running. Although the progress is going slow but the day past by very fast. Through forum, I’ve meet virtually many interesting people and still until now, some of us become friends. I want to thank you for all your suppport and thoughts that you put in the discussion and hopefully we can take forward the discussion ideas to the next level. Some of the thought have now become reality, some are still floating around.

Honestly, the first idea of having this site is just to gather an information for my PhD, nothing else than that. But through the process it become more than that. For a while, this site become a center to start a discourse about design, Malaysia, culture, tradition, brand and identity. So much briliant though have been discussed and I enjoyed every moment participating in the forum. But after a while it get slow, I moved on to the next level of my research and don’t have much time to manage

I hope to get back on track later after my PhD. This site will always run and welcome new member. I’m more than happy to collobrate with anyone who is interested in managing this site with me.

Till then, I wish you Happy New Year 2008 and wish you all the best in future under taking.


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Categories: Reflection

I have to admit I haven’t been writing in this blog that much, decease sorry about that, orthopedist been really busy. So far this project is going really slow. I would appreciate if anyone would like to collaborate joining us on board.

And if anyone want to make any announcement related to design etc, malady I’m happy to put it in this blog.

I also like to invite people to start a discourse about design in Malaysia through this site. At least make use of this site.

Please do let me know through email nurul.rahman at
If you passing through this page wondering what Nurul been writing about lately…check out put her research blog at . It is quite hard to handle two blog, hospital so she decided to concentrate on the offical research blog. But sometimes, once a while Nurul will come to this site and continue throwing her thooughts and ideas about Malaysian Identity.